Screen Recording in Vonage Contact Center

Add-on feature

This feature is an add-on feature. To get this add-on, contact your Vonage Contact Center account manager.

If the feature is enabled for your account and selected agents, Screen Recording enables your supervisors to view those agents' shared screen activity during calls with the aim of improving their performance when handling calls.

To enable screen recording for an agent, see Configuring individual users.

To use the feature, agents must install a desktop application — Vonage CC Screen Recording app.

When an agent has installed Vonage CC Screen Recording, the app will record all of the agent's screens. However, recording up to three screens is recommended.

The app records in 1080p format (maximum) at a rate of three frames a second.

For information about screen recording during a call, see Recording your screen during calls.

The app records entire shared screens whenever the agent is handling a call. If the agent has shared two screens, the app records each screen separately. At the end of the call, the app uploads the recording or recordings. Recordings are available in Vonage Contact Center (VCC) within a few minutes.

Permitted supervisors can click to view screen recordings in the Interaction Content Search area of the VCC Admin Portal.

For information about accessing and viewing screen recordings in Interaction Content Search, see Interaction Content.

Screen recording retention

Screen recordings are deleted after 30 days — or sooner, if the contracted data retention period for your account is less than 30 days. Also, a screen recording is deleted if its related call recording is deleted.

Limitations and requirements

Screen Recording works only with calls and not other types of interactions.

The Vonage CC Screen Recording app works in both Windows and Mac OS X.

For information about system requirements for the desktop application, see Screen Recording in Vonage Contact Center (Vonage CC Screen Recording desktop application) in Technical prerequisites.

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