Task record fields

You can add these fields to the page layout of Salesforce task objects. The Vonage Contact Center managed package installs the custom fields into Salesforce. The latest version of Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce contains the listed fields. If you do not have the latest version, your installation may not have all the fields.

Custom fields

Task record field

API name

Description of use




Inbound: The name of the applet (queue) that delivered the caller to the agent.
Outbound: not applicable.

ACD Payments
Call Ring TimeNVMContactWorld__CallRingTimeInSeconds__c

Inbound: The time between the agent's phone starting to ring and the agent answering the call.

Outbound: The time between the customer's phone ringing and the customer answering the call.

Call Talk TimeNVMContactWorld__CallTalkTimeInSeconds__c

Inbound: The time that the customer spent connected to an agent or agents.

Outbound: The time between the customer answering their phone and the call finishing.

Call Was RecordedNVMContactWorld__Was_Call_Recorded__c

Indicates if call was recorded.

ContactWorld NumberNVMContactWorld__ContactWorld_Number__c

Inbound: The ContactWorld telephone number that received the call.
Outbound: The ContactWorld CLID presented to the third party receiving an outbound call.


Customer Number


Inbound: The CLID (Calling Line Identification number) presented by the caller. If the caller has withheld their CLID the field is left blank.
Outbound: The telephone number dialed by the agent.


CW Call End Time


The time the call ended in ContactWorld. Use this value to help locate call recordings with the Recording Archive (UK time).

09/05/2014 12:45

CW Call Start Time


Inbound: The time the call was received by ContactWorld (UK time).
Outbound: The time the agent connected to the third party (UK time).

This field helps finding call records within statistics and downloads.

09/05/2014 12:43
Interaction QualityNVMContactWorld__InteractionQuality__cThe rating that an agent or supervisor gives a call recording. The rating is a value from 1 to 10.

Service Name


Inbound call: The service name associated with the ContactWorld Number, as set by your call center administrator.
Outbound call: not applicable.

Payments Line

Standard fields

Task record field

Description of use


Assigned To

The Salesforce user that represents the last agent that dealt with the call.

Call Duration

Duration of the call, from start to finish, in seconds.

Inbound: Call Duration for inbound calls includes the time from which the first agent answers the call to the time at which the call is ended.

Outbound: Call Duration for outbound calls includes the time from which the first agent answers the call to the time at which the call is ended.


Call Object Identifier

The ContactWorld GUID (Global Unique Identifier) for the call record.

Call Result

Call Type

Direction of the call (inbound or outbound).


Created By

Due Date

The date when the call ended (in the agent's timezone).

To populate the Due Date field, you must select the Set due date on call task records check box in custom settings. For information about the Set due date on call task records check box, see Configuring custom settings for optional Vonage Contact Center features in Salesforce.


Last Modified By


Inbound: If the caller's telephone number matches a unique record within a Salesforce Contact, the contact name is used. The name is linked if available. 
Outbound: If using Click-to-Dial, the name of the contact within the Salesforce record will be shown.

Joe Bloggs


Recurrence Interval

Related To

Inbound: If the caller's telephone number matches a unique record within a Salesforce object—for example, Account or Opportunity—the name is used. 
Outbound: If you use Click-to-Dial from an Account record, the name of the account is shown.

Repeat This Task

StatusThe status of the call. The value of Status is always Completed.

Direction of the call (inbound or outbound) and the caller's telephone number.

Inbound call from 01234567890

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