Release notes for Advanced Reporting and Statistics

Salesforce package deprecation and retirement





Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce

23.117 or higher

22.131 or lower*

22.104 or lower

Vonage Contact Center Connect

23.149 or higher

23.111 or lower*

22.134 or lower

Vonage Contact Center Advanced Reporting

2.79 or higher

2.74 or lower*

2.71 or lower

Vonage for Service Cloud Voice

23.118 or higher

22.101 or lower*

22.100 or lower

Vonage Contact Center Core Components23.105 or higher

* These packages will be retired after the Q1 2024 release

2.85 When CAROWS flag is set, no need to warn of missing Analytics Category or Subcategory fields
2.84(deprecated)Support CAROWS flag to create Category Match child rows for Call Summaries with CA Matches
  • Monitor Org-level Asynch Executions & Data Storage. Set repeat cycle iterations low if the Org consumes 75% of daily limits.
  • Support faster fetching of CA data. For information about configuring faster retrieval of interaction statistics, see how to use RC flags in Configuring Advanced Reporting and Statistics.
2.82 If the parent call of a participation record doesn't yet exist because it was perhaps delayed in Insights API, create it and link it for future decoration by the Interactions Loader
  • Added ConnectionUnavailable state to mapping as a fault rather than let it be defaulted. No impact on summaries but removes a log warning.

  • Added log statement to say when transactions are User or Automation context as per Session existence.

  • Skip zero or null duration transfer, consult, or busy agent activities as the direction is indeterminate. Avoids double-counting in Warm Transfer to Queue edge cases.

  • Suppress warning where SCV is not set up: No such column 'CallResolution' on entity 'VoiceCall'

  • Record and warn in the log if API totalCount varies as we page through the data

2.80 Sentiment scores now have fixed lengths for simpler extraction formulae.
  • Call sentiment data from Conversation Analyzer is saved in a new Sentiment field and rendered on Call Timeline visualization.
  • Corrected label and help text on Agent2 Transfer Time field.
  • Improved matching of callers where non-alphanumeric characters are included in VBC calls.
  • Support pipe characters in Service Name and Reporting Group for the Call Plan Visualisation.
  • Use the new two-parameter signature for Salesforce Queueable jobs to avoid delay where an org-wide default delay is set.
  • Salesforce Class Metadata versions have been updated ahead of future Salesforce minimum requirements.


Call Duration is now correct when the Stats API includes DeliveryFailed time in the Interaction Duration.


  • The new VoicemailRecording event in the Insights Stats API is available for applicable interactions from September 1, 2022. The event determines whether the Message Taken checkbox is selected in Vonage Call Summary records. If selected, the checkbox indicates that a message was left.
  • New DataExtractor Apex class with InvocableMethod, extractDataSourceFromJSON.


If the Org. Name contains non-ASCII characters, we now remove them before using the Name in an HTTP Header when calling the Insights APIs in accordance with RFC7230.


  • Corrected After Call Work field help text—the field includes wrap time for all handling agents, not just the last one
  • Updated support for Thai locale with the Buddhist calendar
Versions before 2.74 are deprecated


  • Metadata versions updated ahead of 2023 Salesforce features retirements, including Scheduled Watchdog
  • Purging summaries older than the configured retention is now performed by the first channel triggered by a scheduled watchdog event; manually started channels don't do this housekeeping so rescans will remain fast.
  • Queue & Agent-Queue List field added to default page layouts for Inbound Calls & to custom report types


  • Added Queue & Agent-Queue List field and permission set
  • Video Outbound can be concurrent with its launching call; handle special case of busy within busy in total calculations


  • Fix spurious warning for VonageSCV field if not in Service Cloud Voice mode
  • Labels in the Call Plan Path visualization can now contain punctuation marks
  • Correct automation to zero for connected inbound external routed interactions with no queue events


  • Introduce the new schema object Participation between Call Summaries and Agent Summaries. Enabled when PARTICIPATION flag is set
  • Added new Categorized At field to Call Summary which reflects the timestamp of the latest (re-)categorization of a Call by Conversation Analyzer; Advanced Reporting will now update Categories if a Call is re-categorized.
  • Updated Report Templates link to 1.3 - includes a new call duration report.
  • Iteration limit upped from 100 to 200 to cater for up to 10000 delayed CA calls or 200 pages of API data for a requested interval.


  • Add all dispositions and related objects from VoiceCalls to Call Summary with latest owning Agents overriding final disposition
  • Fix for "null" value where there is no disposition


  • Corrected Typo in Help text for Related Task Link
  • Who Hung Up now determines the Customer ended the call if they hung up from a queue, even if an agent had dropped
    them into a warm-transfer queue and disconnected first; this also fixes Post Call Automation as zero
  • Skip Task Query if no possibility of finding a related Task
  • Added Call Diverted checkbox field to Call Summary, report types, layouts, View Permissions - True if CCRConnect Channel seen.
  • Updated label of Permission Set View NVM Stats to View Vonage Stats
  • Added MOS field to Vonage Call Summaries, populated from the average of all CallRating classification values per call.
  • Where Call and Agent Summaries fail due to insufficient Owner permissions, we retry using the user who last saved Settings.
  • Enrich Summary related case, etc. and disposition with VC data if found via Guid.


  • Added Data Source Values field to Vonage Call Summary object. The field contains a comma-separated key:value list of data source values set by Set Data Source applets in the interaction plan.
  • Exclude spurious applets appearing downstream of a CallDivert or CCRConnect event. This fixes Insight Stats API Last Applet problem introduced on 11 May 2021.
  • Use greater precision for internal ordering of applets which run in the same second.


  • Added targets property to Interaction JSON model. The targets property contains virtualQueue and targetTimeToAnswer values which represent the target time to answer (TTA) in milliseconds for each virtual queue that an interaction entered.
  • Added support for video interactions.
  • When Last Queue Result is 'HangUp', the value in Last State in call summary records is now 'Queue Abandoned'. Previously Last State would have been 'Agent Handled'
  • Changed NVM to Vonage in applicable field labels in agent summary and call summary objects.


  • NumberBusy now counted as Line Busy rather than NoAnswer; we no longer see Line Busy over any APIs.
  • Added InteractionPlanMapping and InitiatingAgentId from Insights API to InteractionJSON model.
  • Refactor assignment of Ready for Outbound for code readability
  • Prepare for when CCR materialises a new channel - place the party number in external transfer field
    and treat the channel as an external consult because it starts after and never ends after channel 0
  • Ensure call recording duration is set from first External Channel even for CCR
  • Expose AMAX flag for tuning Agent Activities page size
  • Added support for new clouds such as NB at present you need to add Salesforce Remote Sites manually for new clouds as directed by the transaction log messages
  • Rename ContactWorld > Vonage Contact Centre & corrected typo in call timeline hover text
  • Fixes purging of call detail records when an interaction is revised
  • Sets default flags to tune API requests to Page Size 400, Window Size 3600s
  • Added mediumManager and interactionPlanName to InteractionJSON model
  • Added log warning when Ringing/Busy has no direction over API
  • Added Cache-Control: no-store header to API requests
  • Fix to include Busy Internal time in the Transfer In bucket and Total State Time as per field help text
  • Last disposition code is now available in the Call Result field on NVM Call Summary records
  • Protect against indeterminate direction 0s Ringing and Busy events & Insights Interaction/Agent race condition
  • Smarter checking of Busy running into an Away/Ext Away/Logged Out presence - no longer tripped up by Ready>Ready
  • Added Number of Call Recording Interrupts fields to NVM Call Summary records. Interruptions can be due to PCI or to the agent parking the call or pausing the recording
  • Added Call Recording indicator to Call Timeline—a recording appears as a dotted line; interruptions to the recording appear as breaks in the dotted line
  • Flags NOMONITOR & NOPAUSES can switch off Monitor channel and Call Recording cues on Call Timeline
  • Ready for Call Connect Router applets or other event types to help show up CCRs, Last State > CCR Handled; Abandoned > false
  • Handle VBC calls which miss Internal direction and External Channel
2.61 Fixes handling of NVM Agent Summaries where there are no Stats events.
2.60 Fixed config page URL.
2.59 Added field Last Queue Result to NVM Call Summary and corrected Last State Formula to reflect Queue Breakouts.
2.58 Fixes NVM Agent Summary update failure when migrating directly from older versions of the package; such older version may contain errors from legacy APIs. Use this version if "AgentActivitiesLoader|Init Error" is seen in Transaction logs.
  • Where no call recording activity is returned by the Insights Stats API, the call recording URL is not set.
  • When an agent state duration is returned by the Insights Stats API, the total duration is set in a field—if found—with a label that matches the agent state name. Such fields are custom number fields added by the customer to the NVM Agent Summary object; the fields must have ranges of at least 0-99999. For example, when the time an agent spent in a minor state 'Paperwork' is returned, this duration is set in a number field labelled 'Paperwork'.
  • Added the following fields to NVM Call Summary records:
    • Recording Duration. For inbound and outbound calls: The total duration in seconds of the call recording.
    • Call Rating. A comma-delimited list of call quality ratings given to a call.
    • Virtual Queues. A comma-delimited list of the Virtual Queues or Agreements that the interaction matched. For inbound interactions only.

  • Added Warnings field to Transaction records. Warnings indicates whether the transaction encountered a non-fatal error, such as misconfiguration.


  • Fix Call Player timeline skips for multiple call recording pauses
  • Added Connected Checkbox - checked if two or more parties connected
  • Added Title tag to Call Timeline
  • Added Park and Interrupted times to Interaction Summary and Call Timeline
  • Service Name truncated to 50 characters in line with Insights
  • Exclude blank conversation GUIDs from QCB check
  • Added Data Quality DQ Flag and process to Config page
  • Exclude InteractionPostProcessing media type - not a true interaction or related to useful data, it distorted call counts
2.54 Corrected Call Timeline visualisation to remove overlaid InteractionPlan events
  • Workaround for HYPERLINK to Task bug in SF Summer release
  • Added InteractionPlan event to be shown in call plan events
  • Agent Summary now shows ongoing events; this improves all same-day reporting
  • Link to updated Template Report package
  • URL and API version hints added to config page
  • Support for Call Quality classification
  • Transaction records are housekept even when no channels run
2.51 Fix for setting the Call Summary owner to the Agent User which was being omitted.
  • Where Cases, etc. queue, hold, etc. for many days, they're related to the Agent Day Summary of the first Agent Channel event
  • Durations on Agent Day Summaries count only up to the end of day & we prevent Busy events running into non Ready Presences
  • We now always reprocess an Agent Summary which receives API events even if there are no new facts
  • Applet phases made clearer on Call Timeline visualisation
  • Corrected automation total on outbound calls
  • Fix path of Call Recording for Conversation Analyzer UI
  • More accurate Handle time for Internal calls when using Insights APIs; we were using an approximation for legacy APIs but have exact data now.

  • Conversation Analyzer page was not using the NVM Call Summary Recording URL, hence was blank when using regional URLs

  • FIXPHONE flag set automatically for migrations direct from legacy API
  • Added Language, Hold and new Transaction fields to Report Types
  • Reinstated link to new Reports and Dashboards extension Package which also contains a new Login Report
  • Adds Language used by Conversation Analyzer, e.g. en_us, en_gb, and uses category count value rather than boolean for category matches.
  • Added FIXPHONE flag for customers wanting Interaction Type to be "Inbound Call" where Inbound Medium is "Phone"
  • The Handle Time formula determines Case from Record Type Name; this corrects for parked non live, non-Case Interactions, such as Web Chat, Email, etc.
  • NAM, NAMAPI, APAC, APACAPI regional URLs added to Remote Sites to save manual configuration
  • Migration instructions are placed in the Transaction logs when using Kong Gateway


This is the first published version following Security Review & Certification by Salesforce

From this version on, the package runs exclusively on Insights APIs v3; support for old APIs removed

If Applet Data or non-call Interaction data is required, these options should be turned on prior to package install or upgrade to this or later versions

  • PCI calls are reportable; the AgentAssist channel is highlighted on Call visualisation
  • The Outbound call for a Queued Callback carries the Queue Name
  • Ready For Outbound presence reporting is available once more; this also improves login time reporting accuracy
  • Number of Holds and Hold time added to Agent Summary
  • For Conversation Analyzer, subcategory match counts are now available
  • Interaction model is ready to support Custom CTI data values
  • Added EMEA Regional URLs Remote Sites to save manual configuration
  • Patch version 3 - fix for handling high numbers of queued callback attempts per original call
  • Support for NVM Regional APIs where Remote Sites added manually
  • Logging cleaned up for customers with large numbers of Agents using Insights API mode
  • Added control flag for overriding Interactions page size - new perforance tuning option
  • Better visualisation of timelines for WebRTC Agent Summaries
  • Wrap total and phase count corrected for Wrap concurrent with Busy in parallel interactions using new Insights APIs
  • First version suppoting both Conversation Analyzer and new Insights APIs on the same channels
  • Corrected Abandoned formula to cope with Queued Callbacks
  • Transparent Hold on Call Timeline visualisation so you can see Warm Transfer to Queue overlay on call timeline
2.39 Updates to align Applets over new APIs - appletType property now available.  Applets shown on timelines & Call Plan Path for new APIs when enabled over API.

First pilot release of Advanced Reporting powered by the new generation NVM Stats APIs.

The same summaries, metrics and visualisations as before with a few additional fields and many other improvements:

  • Use new NVM/Kong Gateway Credentials which are different from the CW Custom Settings
  • Uses offset 0, 50% less bandwidth used per transaction; 2 vs 3 API calls in a stats sequence and no need for trailing sweeps
  • Scheduled Mode is removed; always use Queueable mode
  • Demo Mode removed - use simulator data instead
  • Customer's labels for custom states are now passed to us - No more State Relabelling
  • State List contains totals for all different States and because we know the major & minor category, totals for Away, Logged Out, etc. reflect them; accented characters and punctuation is supported
  • No more Applet Filtering; when Applets are made available over the new API to a customer, we need not filter them & the call plan path will hence show the complete path to all such customers
  • Interaction Types can be anything the customer chooses to use - not just Case but email, webchat, etc.
  • Record Types and page layout versions remain the same - reflecting inbound call/non-call, internal call, outbound call
  • The new APIs support pagination of the data and this is reflected in the Transaction records with additional fields
  • The raw API JSON is available in a new field, allowing customers to exploit anything we have yet to add as a Summary field
  • We now know who hung up the call so you'll see Agent or Caller rather than always Caller as with the old APIs
  • Agent Summaries now show a Ready[0] state on the visualisation and activity table - this unifies the NASM and old Ready=Idle views of the world so we support multiple concurrent interactions and total Busy time correctly
  • No need for multiple Channels - use one per CW account and use Offset = 0
  • Channels are smart and catch right up to now (or whatever offset is set); the window sizes are self-tuning from 60s-1 day
  • External Consult, External Transfer & Supervisor Monitor fields and visualisation swimlanes are added
  • Call Timeline's call recording player can now see Agent's call recording pauses and call recording starts mid-IVR - very accurate
  • Post Call IVR/Automation/Surveys are visualised and called out in metrics even if you don't follow the POSTCALL naming convention
  • Holds are shown next to interactions on the Agent Day Summary and Hold totals are summed in the State List
  • Conversation GUID + Queued Callback flag added, so you can report on all/discrete phases of Queued Callbacks
  • Abandoned formula improved & reflects new Interaction types
  • External phone number for External Transfers added
  • Report Types updated with new fields
  • Timezone added to improved Channel Start confirmation
  • Timezone caching and expired record purging tuned up
  • New Call Recording Download URL applied
  • Handle new Voicemail Applet type
2.27 Updates for Conversation Analyzer only: the AnalyticsLoader now caches categorisation JSON in a system field on Call Summary so that the Conversation Analyzer extension package doesn't depend on manually configured Category/Subcategory fields. AnalyticsLoader stops faster in the edge case where there are few transcribed calls in the Org. There is additional logging of the purging of old Summaries past their retention date. This package version is the earliest version you can install the Conversation Analyzer extension Managed package on.

Handle numeric fields while Conversation Analyzer still sends a subcategory list

If < 3 Watchdog jobs ran in the last 61 minutes on upgrade, reschedule any missing ones

CallSummaryBeforeInsert Trigger will populate a field called DKey (API name DKey__c, type Text, size 255, not required, case-insensitive unique) with the call GUID on insert for duplicate prevention


Conversation Analyzer calls are now processed in descending order of modification in Salesforce and the loading is pinned to the channel they were fetched on.  We stop searching for new CA data when we have got back to calls we collected data before (denoted by Categories field non blank) or if we have reached the first call or 100 iteration limit

Patch version linked here caters for Numeric fields defined for Categories/Subcategories while the API still sends the old format without matches counted + forces re-creation of all four Scheduled Watchdog jobs if none have run in the last 61 minutes.


Speech Analytics changes only:

Relabel QM > Analytics on StatsConfig Page

Added fields Silence_Percent, Crosstalk_Percent, Agent_Percent, Customer_Percent to NVM Call Summary and to the 3 Analytics Layouts

Matches Counts now handled from Analytics API when they are sent; supports either checkbox or number fields for the categories/subcategories and can handle 2 or more levels of categorisation

Added Conversation Analyzer Visualforce Page and 3 new page layouts which display it; if your customer uses Conversation Analyzer, simply edit the Page Layout Assignments in Salesforce for the NVM Call Summary custom object.  Inbound Calls should use the NVM Analytics Summary layout; Outbound should use the NVM Analytics Outbound Summary layout; Internal Calls should use the NVM Analytics Internal Summary layout.  There is no special layout for Cases.

Speech Analytics fields: Categories & Call_Transcription & Confidence added to Call Summary

Fetches speech data for calls at the end of each stats fetching process if SPEECH flag set & then only for channels where new QM Checkbox ticked; Transcription only fetched it TX box ticked.

In Demo Mode, demo transcription data is produced if the feature is turned on.

Analytics Category & SubCategory matches are flagged in custom fields where the field API Name matches using the scheme [category]_[subcategory]__c 



Added more checks for transferee info; if API ever sends external transfer numbers we will catch them.

Added Agent State Re-label - use scheme LABEL(320:Research Case,Lunch:Bite to eat) in Flags. This relabels the States in the agent timeline, timetable, event strings and causes the new label to be totalled in the new State List field on Agent Summary in the form [label]-[Duration(s)],...



Scheduling improvements for customers using small stats intervals (sub 5 mins)
Package now sets the owner of a Call or Agent Summary if the corresponding Salesforce User is active (switchable by Flags) so Agents can report on "My Calls"/"My Daily Summaries".
For Inbound Interactions, dateAgentId respects last Agent on Summary creation in case this is not updated by Agent Feed
Updated Custom Report Types with the fields added since 2.12


Query optimisations for Call Plan Stats Page

Transactions are stopped if the data fetch fails where the OAuth call would have failed before the changes in 2.15
No Answers to Consult - watching for "Busy Internal" > "No Answer" & reset each time processed
Agent 2 setting smarter when cold transfers take place
Cold Transfers no longer cause an extra 0s element in Agent List
Added Remote Sites for Cloud16, Cloud98 & new
Embedded Call Plan Viewer loads faster when Interaction is incomplete


No longer repeats last successful job after a long sleep
Added Help text for Number of Transfers
Mark new Omnichannel non-call types as cases types in Salesforce e.g. Api: & trim oversize CLIDs
Processing of Inbound Call Events more efficient - only process CLID & Record Type when first seen
Stronger validation for Channel Names in StatsConfig page - one cannot be a case-insensitive part of another
Config Page now sorts channels by cloud, offset & Name to show groupings logically
Zero duration Agent Events sorted before other events at the same start time in tables & visualisations
Re-uses token in consecutive iterations - more efficient & faster
Added Number_of_Times_Consulted & No_Answers_to_Consult to agent summary
Improved Help text for Inbound_transfer_time - it includes Consult time
Transaction timezone logged & can be changed
Improved scalability by better memory use
Added isSafe check for API data to tolerate unforseen API errors
Added fields: Number_of_Warm_Transfers, Number_of_Transfers_to_Applet, Number_of_PCI_Transfers, Number_of_Applets, Skills_List, PCI_Time



Sort of agent states is more efficient for large agent populations

Fix for where API gives us an Outbound Call & a Busy Internal for one agent but nothing for 2nd on the same internal call;

We now correctly default the 2nd agent to 'AGENT2' rather than letting them appear as agent 1 & 2



As per Team Force, limit number of tasks backfilled and do not backfill calls with no known agent

Change test to only cover backfill code in this package in case CW4SF trigger on CallEndEvent is changed independently

Transfer State: Transferred to applet now adds to a Call Summary's transfer count.



Rolls up tweaks for DF Lightning & QM demos & Demo Mode added

Tidied up Compact Layout and Search Layout for Call Summary

NVM_AgentID__c on Call Summary allows 11 characters - as per CW limit

CallPlan viewer - loads faster with large data volumes

Changed criteria for Internal call: - ensures we don't wrongly categorise a call as internal when it's an outbound consult and the API drops GUIDs; On 2nd sweep where call is an OB with Transfers, don't re-impose the total duration as agent 1's talk time

Team Force Task Flag: Added Task-Backfill option with associated "FILLTASKS" flag to generate Tasks by populating Call End Events where ContactWorld has dropped the Task creation



Corrected attribution of agent Id where the first agent failed to answer an inbound interaction


Filter out & log any Inbound Interaction Events which are missing the mandatory GUID - handles newly seen API data anomaly in the legacy stats API

Corrected logic for de-duping multiple Stats Sweeps where Agent State Events have been re-labeled by Customer workflow or Trigger (relabelled states were letting re-scanned custom states through)



Raise error where "statistics" scope denied by account toggle - the new API uses the "stats" toggle
Set distinct names for additional Watchdog jobs

Postinstall uses new way to check prior version when applying fixes
toDatetime() in StatsAPIUtils accomodates milliseconds in API data if they appear and genterates precision datetimes
New Installs & upgrades where 1 Watchdog job running per hour now add 3 more
Package sleeps between watchdog jobs rather than re-queueing
Transaction checker resumes queued channels where last run was over 1 x window length ago rather than over 2x

Removed un-needed and heavy query on Transactions table


Added CallPlanStatistics Page + Controller + Test Class; You can add this to Call Summary Page Layouts or as a new Tab to see how call by call or Service by Service what the flow/heat map looks like

 CallTimeline controller - corrected zero-based init for last agent who worked and initialised post call total

PostInstall ready for detecting upgrade to version whether 2.0 as 2.00


Don't count ACDDelivery transfers to applet (queue) in the delivery attempts

Populate Ring List (& hence Delivery Attempts, Last Ring) for OB & Internal calls

Added Delivery Attempts, Last Ring, Ring List to Adv. Call Statistics Report Type

Added Agent Summary Line Busy totals and count because the Ring details highlighted we could see more here where agents put themselves busy to block incoming calls; this removes spurious Delivery markers on Call Timelines where an agent whose line was busy did not contribute.

Mini Console View for Agent Summary (e.g. shown on hover on Call Summary Page now more detailed)


Outbound Transfers were not being counted in the transfer total on Call Summary - fixed & caters for multiple OB Xfers

Added NVMStatsSF__Ring_List__c populated by Delivery events & two formula fields Last_Ring_Duration__c & Delivery_Attempts__c; Added these to Invound Call Layout only, though they also apply to Cases

Label change of Ring Duration > Total Ring Duration for clarity

Call Player now moves playback slider to adjust for IVRTransfer (PCI Payment) call recording pauses

Reversed change to related to field on call summary in v1.96
Corrected log message to read "Linked [call summaries] Call Summaries to [agent summary id]

Corrected add-Agent-Event check which could have missed pre-existing events as first entry; this would only happen if Agent State stats were deleted & re-scanned without deleting the linked Calls

Call Timeline Page reworked; UI cleaned up and uses Agent State times to position holds, consults and transfers on Outbound as well as Inbound and Internal interactions


One change to related to field on call summary to decrease relationships where a customer has too many in place:
changed to:

Fixes December 31st 2015 data issue

GC uses half limit available for CDR deletion
More Logging for StatsAPIUtils.retrievestats
Fixed error where flag value is empty


Added Flags to StatsSettings - for global feature control
Added ability to report Outbound Transfers identified from Agent Stats & show these on Timeline
Added flag to allow related CDR list
GC now observes CDR flag to decide whether to delete CDR rows
Updated Install Reports Link to Templates Package v1.5

Exposed number shows in the field called ContactWorld Number on the task - now use this in NVM Telephone Number if not provided to us by the Stats API
Iterative/Queued mode now reduces window overlap to 1s from 30s - allows smaller more efficient windows.
Related To field now also shows the Account if an Opportunity was matched and defaults to "-" for no match for better reportability
Created Internal Call Interaction type, Record Type and Page Layout for internal Call Summaries
Use presence of Agent 'Busy Internal' state related by GUID to an Outbound call to detect Internal calls which are now recorded as such in terms of Interaction Type and Record Type
Abandoned Flag now set for Internal as Well as Inbound Calls
Last State now = Internal Call for all Internal Calls
Handling time now counts as Ring + 2 x Talk + 2 x Wrap time for Internal calls
Internal Calls shown on Call Timeline
IterativeLoader looks back at last 25 transactions vs 20 previously
PostInstall throws Error if prerequisite CW4SF Settings not entered beforehand.
Added Opportunity to Agent Summary with call summary report type

Added Related Opportunity to Call Summary & Advanced Call Statistics Report type

Added Task Link field + hyperlink formula to Call Summary page layouts & Advanced Call Statistics Report type


When a channel is started whose offset is greater than the requested offset, the channel's offset is used to ensure that transactions are created from which queue recovery is possible

  • Scheduled Watchdog on install re-enabled
  • Only adds to a call's wrap total if we've not yet recorded the event in the call's Agent ChkStr - Ensures that in rare event an agent sweep is re-run after manually deleting Agent State data we don't add twice.
  • Smarter and more efficient check for related case allowed even if Task is missing
  • Added Number of Wrap Phases to Agent Summary - this counts e.g. consecutive Auto followed by Manual Wrap as 1 Wrap phase
  • Added Report Type Advanced Agent Statistics in Salesforce's 'Other' reports folder
  • Disabled scheduling on install for No Schedule Customers - use THIS version if a customer cannot use scheduled events
  • Local Day of Week formula field added to call summary; layouts updated - grouping local/UTC time fields
  • Updated Report Type Advanced Call Statistics with new field
  • Initial install now uses 15 minute windows vs 5 for both channels and only sets channel 1 back 120 vs 720 minutes so data shows quicker on install
  • Inbound Transfers count is not incremented if the transfer state is only 'Busy Internal' vs 'Transfer In' where a transfer was followed through
  • Installation now creates 2 Sweeps - a default one at with an offset of 75 minutes, executing at 5 minute windows and a second offset by 11 hours, also executing in 5 minute windows. This will pull in long duration events like logged out overnight.
  • Tolerates large organisations where queries timeout
  • Longest State Time added to Agent Summary
  • Corrects month format for sorting
  • Fixes timeline/timetable rendering if new events arrive out of order
  • Updated link on the configuration page to reporting package v1.4
  • Related To formula on Call Summary uses Contact's name if Contact's Account is empty

  • 'Watchdog' scheduled job added to restart stalled queued jobs
  • Changed default Window to 15 minutes in Channel Start
  • Report type
  • Related to Lead and Contact and Account fields populated automatically
  • Agent Timeline Table (VisualForce page)
  • Queuable Apex Mode
  • Added CallDisposition field to Call Summary which replicates the value of the same field on Task
  • Better display of tiny durations amidst very long Cases/calls
  • Removed ring time and duration correction from IVRTransfer handler
  • Catered for local time in stats API response (only found if API server not configured as per spec)
  • 'Busy payment IVR' added to busy agent states
  • 'Line busy' added to busy for agent states; counts towards agent busy time but an addition call is not created
  • Assign Call Transferred time to call wrap total
  • Included Ring Time in Handle Time total for Outbound Call Summaries
  • Added No Answer Time field to Agent Summary, included it in Time_Logged_In
  • Call Timeline page now shows wrap per agent where calls transferred
  • Added Fault Time to Agent Summary
  • Added Network Congestion and Fault on Line state times to Fault Time total and incoporated in State total
  • Corrected rounding of Total State Time, Away Time, Extended Away Time, Outbound Call Time, Inbound Transfer Time

    Inbound Call Time, Ready For Outbound Time, Ready Time

  • Added Wrap Time (hh:mm)

  • Added CallDisposition field to Call Summary which replicates the value of the same field on Task
  • Better display of tiny durations amidst very long Cases/calls
  • Changed Transaction cleanup from keeping 2 days' worth to purging when over 2000 transaction logs
  • Inbound transfer time added to total state time
  • In-line help text added for call summary fields
  • Formula update for number of inbound calls
  • Consult time renamed to Hold time
  • More accurate call durations when 'end time' is missing
  • Enhanced detail on multiple transfers

Reports and Dashboards Extension Package

New Unmanaged Package containing template reports for use with version 2.46 and above of the main package

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